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Why Choose RBS?

Nurturing for strong roots

The age when the child leaves the environs of the home and comes into contact with many other children of the same age group, is when the child first comes to school. The curriculum at Ravindra Bharathi in pre-primary classes ensures that the interest is created for learning by adopting playway methods. The air-conditioned activity room and colourful classrooms at Ravindra Bharathi, provide the right environment to captivate the child and stimulate learning.

Lead teachers and the support staff at nursery are experienced and have one very important quality which is essential for teachers at this level and that is 'patience'. Using scientifically approved teaching methods, the teachers provide the right ambience for children to understand the various shapes, sizes, colours, structure of the surface and so on. The child is exposed to different languages, culture, religion and different living styles. To understand the individual behaviour of the children, teachers work together with parents and make efforts to bring out the positive aspects of the child's behaviour into play effectively.

The formative years of education are the most crucial ones. The child is motivated to love learning and understand the need of education in a very positive way. At Ravindra Bharathi the students of the primary classes are given personal attention. It is made possible with an ideal teacher-student ratio of 1:20. Learning in primary classes is made fun by using latest multimedia tools. The teaching of subjects is made innovative and active student participation is encouraged. Students are involved in making models related to science and environmental studies. The students are also encouraged to participate in debates to give expressions to their ideas.

Career counselling begins at this very early stage so that the student remains focussed on his or her future goals. Special attention is given to the written and communication skills. Special stress is laid on personal hygiene. Regular medical checkups, dental checkups and check on cleanliness are conducted. Children are also taught proper food habits and table manners and other lessons on etiquette.

Exploring nature and its resources

Education is effective only when all the senses are put to use. Students retain some of what they hear, most of everything that they see and every detail of what they experience. Ravindra Bharathi believes that education is not confined merely to books, but also depends on the practical knowledge of the world around us. As a part of the regular curriculum, school conducts educational and botanical tours every year. The fun and the learning experience through such trips are splendid.

Field trips and school picnics are also conducted on a regular basis for the individual classes as a part of the study of nature. Students of lower classes are taken to places of public awareness like the Railway station, Post office, Bus station, Zoological Park and so on. The senior students are taken out to industries, historical monuments and heritage places. They gain enormous knowledge during the field trips and learn to develop trust and behaviour in a group. Social awareness and community service also form an integral part of group activity.

Keeping stride with modern technology and the trend of online competitive examinations, Ravindra Bharathi has a computer lab that has adequate number of computers with latest configuration and Internet accessibility. Students get a chance to be computer savvy and utilize facilities for interactive learning and global accessibility. Similarly the language lab at Ravindra Bharathi helps the students to grasp the nuances of English language through interactive CDs and Softwares available at the language lab. This helps the students improve their diction and phonetics and brightens the scope of successfully communicating in the highly competitive global scenario.

The treasure trove of any good qualified institution is its 'library'. Ravindra Bharathi has a well stocked library that has a collection of a wide range of reference books, periodicals and magazines on various subjects. Adequate reference material is available on IIT and Medical foundation programmes for higher class students. An exclusive section has been designed for story telling sessions for students of primary classes.