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Home is where the heart is

Ravindra Bharathi Schools are located in serene surroundings though in the heart of the city. Residential facilities here are among the best one can expect and ensure that the stay of the students is comfortable, healthy and educative. There are separate residential facilities for boys and girls. Each student is provided with a locker and a study table. The warden acts as the guardian ensuring that the student's stay is comfortable. Hot water facility is made available through Solar Heater.

Ravindra Bharathi has appointed highly experienced chefs and trained people who offer a variety in the menu for the students. The dining facilities provided are ultra-modern, hygienic and it accommodates large number of students. The food in the hostel is prepared hygienically and as per the advice of a dietician. Students enjoy the variety in the menu that offers North Indian and South Indian food. Students are encouraged to celebrate the festivals of different religions and regions to inculcate the need for communal harmony and tolerance for other religions. The school has a medical wing within the campus providing round-the-clock assistance to children who report sick. Periodic medical check ups are conducted and their medical histories are maintained throughout their stay.