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Educational Approach

Competition breeds winners

Over the years, the number of students of Ravindra Bharathi, joining reputed engineering and medical institutions like IITs, NIT's, BITS Pilani, AIIMS, AFMC, JIPMER is growing by leaps and bounds. For the last four years, an exclusive programme for IIT-JEE and National Level Medical competitions has been imparted to students from VIII to X standard. This programme is planned well in advance for the entire academic year. Dedicated faculty with decades of experience has been chosen for this highly competitive task from leading IIT-JEE and Medical Foundation centers in the state and Chennai to train the students here. Periodical examinations and extra study hours are conducted to tune the students for the finals. The students, who have already undergone the foundation course from VI standard, find it easy to grasp and comprehend this exclusive programme.

Exclusive study materials for the programme and internal examination pattern designed by Ravindra Bharathi Central Academic Cell help students to stay ahead over others. Students use audio-visual center in the school with latest multimedia tools for presentations, seminars and symposiums.

Geared for Global Accessibility

Education is the first beneficiary of any development and modernization in technology. Ravindra Bharathi institutions have taken full advantage of the modern technology and the result is its latest and most advanced teaching methodology and teaching aids. Ravindra Bharathi has a fully equipped air-conditioned audio-visual centre with ample seating. The students and faculty are immensely benefited by the latest multimedia tools here. To make lessons easy to comprehend, simple, interesting and effective, faculty conducts interactive sessions. These interactive lessons in digital format help the students easily understand complicated topics in general science and mathematics. The latest technology is also used to maintain uniformity in academic schedule in the group as well as to monitor and store the information on the progress made by the students individually.

Several seminars and guest lectures are conducted in audio-visual centre by eminent psychologists and career consultants. Using the modern facilities here, the students are shown the latest movies, interesting documentaries and educational CDs to enrich their knowledge. It is also the venue for cultural fests and celebrations.

Giving imagination a scope to grow

Ravindra Bharathi ensures the overall development of the student by integrating the growth of limbs, head and heart. The melody of music has a healing effect on speech, the rhythm of dance works on physical development, while the harmony of colours positively affects the mind. Pursuing interest in Fine Arts at Ravindra Bharathi is not restricted to the gifted and privileged alone. Every student has access to the facilities and the guidance of exponents in the fields of music, dance, painting, craftwork, dramatics, clay modelling etc. These and other art forms of self-expression like, public speaking and acting are taught as leisure time activities.

Hobby clubs are formed and students are made members of any one of these clubs. Quiz, story telling, news reading and other such competitions are held in these clubs. It offers an opportunity to demonstrate the innate talents of the child to blossom. Yoga and meditation form part of the daily activities as they exercise the body and relax the mind. This way the child develops into a well balanced individual.