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Individual Care

Ravindra Bharathi School is not just a school, it is a family. Each child is given individual attention, just as they would get at home. Many schools only meet the child's intellectual needs. But at RBS, all the needs of the child are met with understanding and appropriate care, be it physical, emotional, or intellectual.

The result is a school where the students are bright, confident and balanced individuals, in work and play. They cherish the love and nurturing which they receive and they respond positively. Many students comment that they feel as much a part of RBS as they feel with their family at home.

At Ravindra Bharathi School, the child is not just a statistic or a roll number. Each individual is given importance, and their worth is appreciated. Each child's birthday is a celebration, with the distribution of sweets and a special mention at the school assembly.

The atmosphere at RBS is homely and loving. The staff and management genuinely care for the children, and for each other, and this shows their sincerity and dedication towards head individual care of the kids.

Ravindra Bharathi School Emphasises on individual, group activities, indoor, outdoor activities, Experienced and caring teaching faculty, Separate book area for picture reading, Latest play equipment, Inter- active CDs, Home theatres with LCD projectors, Splash Pool.

Faculty with command over subjects and commitment towards good results. Comprehensive study materials. Well-planned curriculum. Clarification of doubts, regular study hours, logical thinking, analytical thinking, reasoning and lateral thinking